Custom Dog or Pet Portrait Painting from Photo on Canvas

Custom Dog or Pet Portrait Painting from Photo on Canvas

Searching for a gift for my sister, I noticed this custom dog portrait painting from a photo on canvas. It would be a fitting tribute to her beloved American cocker spaniel who passed away last month and is dearly missed.

Done in oil and acrylic (and watercolor sometimes too), it is topped with a UV acrylic varnish gloss coating that makes it resistant to scratches and water. It measures 8 inches x 8 inches with a 3/4 inch depth. The image is painted all around the sides too of the poly-cotton canvas that is of museum and gallery quality.

All you need to do is log in to your Amazon account and email your pet photo to the seller using the Amazon Message Center following the instructions here... Be sure to choose a photo that is clear.

Allow 2 or 3 days and then the seller will email back a sample for approval. Once approved it will take another 4 to 5 days for completion.

This artist is very talented. I really love his painting style. I can't wait to surprise my sister on her birthday with this perfect gift pet painting. It's just such a lovely way to remember a dearly loved pet.