Renaissance Chalk Furniture Paint Deluxe Starter Kit Review

Renaissance Chalk Furniture Paint Deluxe Starter Kit Review

I just recently discovered chalk paint and am so happy I did. Do not confuse it with chalkboard paint which is paint that can give surfaces a chalkboard finish that is writable and erasable. No, chalk paint is a completely different type of paint and absolutely perfect for all your DIY projects. This Renaissance Chalk Furniture Paint Deluxe Starter Kit Review will list and discuss all the items included to easily get you on your way to discovering and using this wonderful product.

Chalk paint is a non-toxic, non-odorous paint that can be used on many surfaces like furniture, cabinets, flooring, fabric, leather, plastic, metal and glass. Best of all, it requires no priming or sanding ahead. The only exception would be greasy items like kitchen cabinets over a stove which would be best to clean before with TSP. Two coats is usually enough for most projects with a drying time for each coat of only about 20 minutes. It dries to a matte finish after which clear wax is applied and buffed. If you want an antique look then dark wax is applied sparingly after and buffed.


  • Chalk paint is non-toxic and non-odorous eliminating worries about providing proper ventilation for strong fumes emission.
  • There is no prior preparation needed to painting - no priming or sanding. However, I would suggest removing any sticky parts with soap and water or Goo Done. It would also be a good idea to clean any greasy areas with TSP, such as kitchen cabinets located over the stove.
  • Usually two coats are enough to cover well so a bit of paint goes a long way.
  • It is really quick drying, usually about 20 minutes for each coat.
  • The clear wax gives a nice satin finish and intensifies the color slightly. Be sure to let harden for at least 24 hours to avoid scratches.
The dark wax gives a beautiful antique look. If the effect is too dark, it can easily be removed with the clear wax.

Product Performance

Chalk paint is uncomplicated and very easy to use and very long lasting.


The Renaissance Chalk Furniture Paint Deluxe Starter Kit includes the Renaissance Furniture Paint color of your choice (1 quart), a brush (2"), clear wax (8 oz), dark wax (4 oz), a wax brush (1.5"), a chip brush (1"), gloves and a wax cloth. Also very handy are included instructions with useful tips.


  • Non-toxic and non-odorous. Great for working on projects even during winter with closed doors and windows.
  • No annoying prior priming or sanding needed.
  • Quick drying time of 20 minutes per coat.
  • Dark wax can be easily removed using the clear wax.
  • Easy to use and durable for many years.


  • Paint and brushes can be more expensive than other paints.
  • Need special brushes for the paint and wax.


Compared to most other paints, chalk paint and the accessories needed can add up to more in cost, but the ease of use and end results are well worth it. This starter kit is the perfect solution to try out chalk paint and see how you like it at a great price.

Renaissance Chalk Furniture Paint Deluxe Starter Kit Rating

If you have ever wondered why so many customers love using chalk paint, this Starter Kit is a great introduction at an affordable price. You can use it to work on so many DIY projects with great-looking results. Who can resist turning a discarded old piece of furniture into to a beautiful new one. You can try so many options on all various items around your home. Whether it is to give them a clean or antique look, or a distressed or white-wash look, the process is really simple and easy. I guarantee you will be an easy convert and love it and soon planning your next chalk paint project.

Renaissance Chalk Furniture Paint Deluxe Starter Kit