Best Coffee Table with Storage

Every living room needs a coffee table. Otherwise you're just looking at a big old empty space in the middle of the room. My living room was in dire need of one ever since I donated my old one away. Let me emphasize "old".

After searching and shopping for one it seems for endless days, I came to a decision. I wanted one with storage because the old one always became cluttered with books and magazines and what have you. No matter how many times I put order to the mess, there was never any room to place my coffee cup.

Just a quick mention, I absolutely love when Amazon customer reviewers include their own photos in addition to the ones Amazon provides. You are able to see the item in different decor settings which really help to visualize how it will look in your own home.

So I searched and shopped again for a coffee table with storage and find I did. Now I just need to decide which one is the best coffee table with storage that will be a perfect match for my living room.

I always begin my search on Amazon with the items that have the highest number of customer ratings with 5 stars but 4 stars is good too. Then I read through some of the comments especially those written by Verified Purchasers - both the good and the bad reviews. This information helps me to narrow down the features that I want such as color of wood, size, style and, of course, price.

So without further adieu, here are my 5 top choices.

Emerald Home T100 0 Chandler Wooden Cocktail Coffee Table with Storage
Emerald Home T100 0 Chandler Wooden Cocktail Coffee Table with Storage

I can see why this table is the # 1 best seller. I love the rustic look of this coffee table which they claim is made from reclaimed wood. I love when anything is recycled into a beautiful new piece. The metal legs and frame add a nice touch too. The bottom shelf gives me the storage space I need.

Customer comments affirm that it is easy to assemble although the instructions seem to be missing a few steps but it seems most put it together in 10 to 20 minutes.

It is a great sturdy coffee table at a great price measuring 48" wide x 24" deep x 18" high.

My only concern was that it might be a little too rustic looking to suit my living room but thanks to number of images sent in by customers to Amazon, I was pleased at how great it looked even in more modern decor.

Leick Laurent 2 Drawer Coffee Table with Storage
Leick Laurent 2 Drawer Coffee Table with Storage

For my next choice I went for a more traditional look. Not only does this coffee table have that coveted bottom shelf I want but also features 2 full-extension drawers! The beautiful chocolate cherry finish is applied by hand instead of the usual spraying and then lacquered for durability. Should you wish to change the color in the future, it can be refinished.

It is made from solid hardwood and not press board or fiberboard. The hardware on the drawers are in a beautiful pewter finish.

I was pleased to read from the customer reviews that assembling it was really easy.

The price is a little higher than my previous choice but still a very affordable and a good deal for the quality you are getting.

Measuring at 24" in depth x 44" in length x 20" in width, this is also a great choice for my living room.

Select Cherry Sauder Kendall Square Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage
Select Cherry Sauder Kendall Square Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

This coffee table has a unique feature. The table top lifts up to morph into a desk or even an eating area as you watch TV. Best of all, hidden storage is revealed underneath the table top. For added storage there is a bottom shelf that is divided in 2 sections.

The price reflects that it is made from pressboard, however, it still manages to exude a quality look.

It measures 35.3" long x 16.7" wide x 19.3" deep.

I have concerns about the ease or complexity of assembling it. Customers report taking anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour to assemble it. I love this coffee table with its unique ability to transform into a desk but would I have the patience to put it together?

Pyramid Trunk Espresso Cocktail Coffee Table with Storage
Pyramid Trunk Espresso Cocktail Coffee Table with Storage

This next trunk-style coffee table in an espresso stain finish offers the most storage space at a great low price. The manufacturer states it is made from pine, MDF, pine veneer and black metal for the handle and hinges. The hinges are safety ones that prevent the top from slamming shut.

Its overall measurements are 38.75" wide x 21.25" deep x 18.75" high.

From the customer reviews, the assembling may take you a little longer (about an hour) but it is still relatively easy to do.

Its ample storage space make this one a definite contender to be my final choice.

HomCom 38 inches Modern Acrylic Coffee Table with Storage
HomCom 38 inches Modern Acrylic Coffee Table with Storage

I love the very modern look of this clear acrylic coffee table although its storage space is quite limited with room for a few magazines or newspapers on either side.

Priced slightly higher but still very reasonable, it measures 38.5 in W x 17 in D x 16 in H.

My biggest concern with this is I know from personal experience that acrylic scratches easily and not as easy to remove. So what is the best cleaner to use and to remove accidental scratches? Customers suggest using Novus 1, 2, 3 Plastic Polish and Scratch Remover Kit. Here is the link:

On the plus side, there is no assembly required! As beautiful as it is, still I worry about the limited storage space and that it might be to modern and out of step with my living room decor.