How to Decorate the Most Beautiful Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree can be a real challenge sometimes without it ending up looking like a big unorganized mess of ornaments and ribbons. Well help is on the way. Just follow this easy tutorial on how to decorate the most beautiful Christmas tree. Then sit back and enjoy all the "oohs" and "aahs" from your family and friends as they admire it.

Supplies Needed

Best Choice Products 7.5 Ft Prelit Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree with 550 Clear Lights And Stand
Morex Ribbon Swirl Wired Sheer Glitter Ribbon 2.5 inch by 50 Yard Spool Gold
Green chenille stems
Honeycomb 3.5 inch ribbon
Christmas branches spray
Christmas red berry picks
Plastic snowflake ornaments
Christmas tree ornaments in in different colors and shapes

Step by Step Instructions

Unpack your Christmas tree from storage and set it up in the desired space. Spread and fluff out the branches.
Plug in the pre-lit tree to make sure all the lights are working. Replace those that are not.
Cut the chenille stems into 3 pieces.
Attach a transparent 2.5 inch transparent ribbon with a more solid patterned 2.5 inch one using the chenille stem.
Place the ribbons at the top and back of the tree securing the chenille stem to a branch.
Bring the ribbons to the front of the tree and circle them around in a downward diagonal slope placing them in and out of branches all the while separating the 2 ribbons so they both show.
Take the honeycomb ribbon, attach a chenille stem to the top of it and then to the top of the tree. Circle it around the tree in the space between the other 2 ribbons.
Place Christmas branches sprays in a cascading fashion.
Place the Christmas red berry picks.
Place the plastic snowflake ornaments deep into the branches of the tree.
Gather all your ornaments and separate by color.
Choose 3 ornaments of same color at a time and place on tree in a triangular fashion. Start with the bigger ornaments first.
Continue until all the ornaments of that color are in place. Repeat with the next color ornaments.

You can see there is really nothing difficult to end up having a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. All it takes is an understanding of how to organize it, what steps to do first and how to proceed. Anyone can do it! I hope you will try it for yourself so you can be proud of the final result as all the accolades pour in.