How to Transfer and Decoupage an Image onto Furniture

Do you have an old dresser that is looking worse for wear but its sentimental value makes you hesitant to throw out. No need to, just follow this tutorial on how to decoupage an image or photo onto the wood furniture and you will end up with a stunning new piece. All you need to do is a few easy steps with the few items listed below.

Supplies Needed

Renaissance Chalk Finish Furniture Paint 1 Pint 16oz Ivory Tower
Renaissance Chalk Finish Dark Wax Jar 4oz
Brossum 2 in 1 Round Chalk Paint and Wax Natural Bristles Brush
Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer 16oz CS11302 Matte Finish
Xacto knife and ruler
Wallpaper smoothing tool
Sanding block
Renaissance Furniture Clear Wax 8oz
Lint-free cloth

Step by Step Instructions

Choose a dresser that you would like to revitalize. Wipe any dust off with a damp cloth. Use Clorox wipes if the dresser is a bit greasy or oily to touch. Chalk paint requires no stripping or priming after that.
Choose an image you would like to transfer to cover the whole dresser. Places like Staples can enlargen images into a wide format for about $10 or you can choose to use a poster you might have.
Open the can of Renaissance Chalk Paint and stir contents well. When purchasing the paint choose a color that will match well with the image or poster you intend to transfer.
Remove the drawers from the dresser and any hardware if they have any.
Paint the dresser and drawers with the chalk paint. It will take about 20 minutes to dry. Apply a second coat when the first coat is dry.
Line up the bottom of the image with the bottom drawer and use a credit card to score where it needs to be cut. Cut off the first bottom section of the image with an xacto knife and ruler. Work your way up to the top drawer scoring and cutting the other sections.
Apply Mod Podge to each drawer top and place the image sections on each drawer.
Flatten each image section with a wallpaper smoothing tool to remove any air bubbles.
Use the sand block along the edges in a back and forth motion to remove any extra hanging paper.
Rub some Renaissance Chalk Finish Dark Wax with lint-free cloth onto the image to give it a more distressed look. If you feel you put too much dark wax, you can simply use the clear wax to remove some of it.

Now that wasn't difficult at all and not too costly either. You have saved a cherished piece of furniture and transformed it into a lovely conversation piece. Best of all, it will be a source of pride and satisfaction as can only be felt from a DIY project! Well done!